Don’t babysit your work

It’s time to abandon that baby

2 min readFeb 23


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It’s hard to let go of your work. You’ve spent all this time — months, YEARS– putting it all together, word after word, sorting and fixing, patching and adjusting. Why would you not keep on doing that, even once your work is out?


Your work is not your baby. Even if it feels like you’ve been gestating, gone through labour and given birth to it, once it’s out, you’re done with it.

By any means, treat your work like your baby while it’s still with you. Go back to it even if it’s your 5th draft and you’re so over it. Do your best to create the best baby you possibly can.

But once it’s out, it’s out. Give birth to that baby, and then say goodbye to it.

It’s not your job to follow up. You don’t need to explain why your work is the way it is. You don’t have to explain why you’ve made it, or how. Find the courage to let go.

It’s not your responsibiliy how anyone else interprets your work. If someone misunderstands it, or doesn’t read it the way you intended them to, it’s not your problem.

Create your work, get it out, and forget about it.

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