Do it every single day

The truth about getting to where you want to be

3 min readFeb 26


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Do something towards your goal every single day.

There, I said it. I considered adding an elucidatory preamble, but fuck it.

Do something towards your goal every single day.

That’s how you’ll get there.

There’s no way around it.


Even if it’s just 5 minutes. Even if it’s reading one page on a subject you’re passionate about. Even if it’s watching an educational video before going to bed.

It all adds up.

How do you think I wrote my first book? You got it: by writing, every single day.

Most days, I would actually write my book. But some days, I would write something else entirely.

Sometimes it would be an Instagram post. Some days, I would jot down a bunch of notes for some other writing projects I had in mind. Some days I would write a piece of fiction, or journal about what I was going to write about. I would also watch videos or read about the topics that I was covering in my book.

Since I first came up with the concept for this book, I made sure I did something that contributed to that — every single day.

All the writing (even if book-unrelated) and all the readings and research all piled up to improve my knowledge on the subject, and my writing abilities.

If you are a writer, you know that literally every word you type is one more word towards you becoming a better writer.

A big achievement is nothing but a lot of teeny tiny smaller achievements put together.

That’s how you get there. That’s how you make it.

Want to run 10km? Start small and run in increments.
Want to start your own business? Break down your long-term plan into smaller, attainable steps.
Want to climb Mount Everest? Walk up a hill first.


“Every big mission is made of smaller, quantifiable little goals.”




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