Craving minimalism

Is having less stuff the only way to spaciousness?

4 min readMar 20


Image by Bench Accounting (Unsplash)

I’ve been craving minimalism again.

I am quite minimal. Yet, every time I look around, at all the things I have in my house, I feel overwhelmed.

In my defence, this house came furnished and, as it used to be an Air B&B, it also came with kitchen appliances, cutlery, pots and pans, a piano, clothes racks, extra desks, and more pillows and blankets than one could imagine.

I was happy that I had three cupboards for storage, however they all ended up packed to the brim with things that are not mine. So now, all my stuff is on display, at all times.

My partner is currently also living here, so his stuff is also constantly in plain sight. And while most of my stuff is clothes and books, his stuff is mainly things that belong in a garage, like tools and wood, as well as some toys for future projects like an overhead projector and a pancake printer which, in a small two-bedroom apartment, sometimes get in the way.

Travelling has been on my mind a lot.

A while back I started thinking about backpacking in Europe. The first thing that popped into my mind was, What would I pack?

(Ok, to be 100% honest, the very first thing that popped into my mind was that the mental tiffin I currently use for takeaways would be too big for the backpack I would bring with me.)

I went into my wardrobe and remembered that it wasn’t one ago that I journaled about finally being content with the clothes I owned. I was happy with every piece, and everything went with everything else. I had exactly what I wanted, and I didn’t need anything else.

After having too many clothes when I moved to New Zealand, and then having not enough clothes when I lived in a bus, I had finally reached the perfect balance.

Is that still true?

Apparently not.

I took some pieces out and analysed them. My wardrobe is now well-curated: there is an obvious colour scheme, most clothes are a cut that compliments my body shape, almost everything can be worn across different seasons, and most importantly, I love and wear every single item of clothing in there.




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