Is it possible to come back to something you haven’t really left?
Or at least that’s what it feels like to you.

I’ve been here the entire time, you want to scream. Why are you trying to pull me back? I’m here already. This is me.

But it’s not.


Also known as: fucking up multiple things at once

Picture from Google Images

Ah, multitasking: the good ol’ art of messing up multiple things at once.

We’ve all done it: to impress our boss, to try and look busy, out of pure last-minute panic.

But what’s up with multitasking? Why do we do it? Does it even work? …

Maths, basketball, and other things I failed at but don’t feel bad about

Picture by Mikka Luotio (Unsplash)

When I was in my third year of high school, we were studying logarithms. I had never been very good in maths, but that particular subjects was beyond comprehension to me.
After a few weeks of absorbing information, we had a test. On the day of the test, I sat it…

Giulka Ebdus

They/them. Writes about writing, wellbeing and self improvement. Loves Italics. List enthusiast. Occasionally swears.

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